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Panek, a well-reputed Polish rent-a-car company with more that 1,500 cars to offer. The company is being recognized worldwide for its exceptional customer service among their multinational customers. Under strong market demand, the management came up with the idea of exploiting the potential of web-based solutions in modern business development.


Changes in the business environment

Due to the constantly changing market requirements, many companies sooner or later face the necessity of taking a decision on the issue of growth. Nowadays, the company's development is very often associated with the implementation of web-based systems, such as electronic document exchange, application integration, B2B solutions, business process management, intranet systems or dedicated systems. Those companies for which the standard processing data tools do not longer meet expectations, seek out for tailored solutions. Of course, the needs and expectations are the results of long months of analysis.


Requirements analysis

Investmag was asked to create a fully customized, responsive, reliable and unique rent-a-car application equipped with the following:

  • fresh looking, fully editable home and sub-pages integrated with easy to use administration panel so everyone without exception could respond to the customers needs at once
  • an online payment system
  • Google map integration
  • live chat tool
  • testimonials
  • fully automated customers satisfaction survey
  • discount system to handle various range of customers
  • Google analytics integration
  • intelligent date and time-picker with a tooltip – the tool informs but also adds extras to the total sum when renting is being performed for instance when the staff is out of office
  • list of fleet – the list contains images, additional information and prices
  • a complex algorithm to handle multiple possibilities when calculating the right price for the right customer
  • multiple register and login forms
  • social media integration


Responsive Web Design

In order to meet modern customer expectations, we crafted the application, so that it could easily adapt to any mobile devices anywhere in the world.

By using the mobile website numerous of people, around the globe, have the possibility of rapidly procuring information about service, promotions, and news. For many, particularly those being in constant movement, speed and transparency of information are the priority issues. Panek has taken care of the convenience of its customers, and at the same time increased the company's potential to serve both customers and employees.


Online payments integration

The functionality to allow for easy-paying for the reservation made through the integration with E-service payment system.

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